Amate Paper

For fifty years the people of Puebla Mexico have been handcrafting paper for use by Mexican artists and now Papel Amate, as it is known, is available internationally. Over 2,000 families, working out of their homes, are able to make this incredible paper. They have developed 28 distinct shades and 10 different sizes. In addition the people of Puebla have created 40 unique designs of their own for direct sale as decorative art. Papel Amate can be painted on, printed on, and cut or folded into many forms and sizes. It makes a beautiful “canvas” for artists, can be used as book covers, diplomas, invitations, wall covering, lamp shades and can even be laminated for counter tops. The process allows the qualities of the jonote wood to blend the colors in a swirling weave such that each piece is entirely unique. Take a look at our beautiful samples in the catalogue and imagine the many ways Papel Amate can enhance your artistic projects or home and office decor.

Vicente Trejo

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