About Us

This is San Pablito located in the northwest of the state of Puebla in central Mexico. The main economic activity here is handcrafts, especially the production of a paper called “Amate” made from the bark of a kind of fig tree that grows in the area.


We are a handmade amate (bark) paper manufacturing and export company, based on San Pablito, Puebla, Mexico. The indigenous people of this region are proud of the high quality product they make. Over 2,000 families in the region are trained in the production of amate paper and could potentially sustain themselves and remain on their land if their company succeeds with their dream of finding export markets for the product. It has been sold inside Mexico, but San Pablito’s ability to produce has outgrown the domestic market OUR DIRECTOR Vicente Trejo Hernandez grew up learning how to make amate paper in his hometown of San Pablito, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. He helped his father and mother carry the wood of the jonote tree, boil it in large cauldrons, and pound it in to paper.








Vicente Trejo is a representative of the small communities in Puebla, Mexico who has dedicated himself to serve his former homeland by seeking a market for a handmade paper crafted from the pulp of the jonote tree (a locally grown, rapidly regenerating tree). Vicente Trejo Hernandez, a naturalized U.S. citizen, has worked for years to get an export license, register a bar code, and pay the stipulated Mexican and US taxes, to pave the way for the export of this beautiful product.\r\n\r\nMr. Hernandez has samples of the paper that comes in 28 distinct color shades and 10 different sizes; and has photos of the production process. The industry currently involves over 2,000 families in Puebla and their product is sold within Mexico, however the Mexican market is too small to sustain all the families who are able to produce. Some of them also produce beaded crafts